Frequently Asked Questions



What will this cost?

Each project is unique in terms of its complexity and subject matter. Given this, we must determine pricing after reviewing your materials. Click here to get started.


Who do you work with?

We enjoy working with a diverse range of non-fiction, self-publishing authors, organizations, and independent presses. Our primary topics include: science, technology, anthrozoology, environmentalism, health, human performance, psychology, education, memoirs, business, and history.


How long does this take?

Our full-service book packages tend to take about 12-16 weeks. Services for shorter projects—such as workbooks, reports, booklets, and magazines—will take less time. For all service offerings, you receive a production schedule to help you with planning.


Are you a vanity press?

No. We work with select clients and only support works that we believe merit publication. Authors who use our services maintain their own imprint and accounts, and retain copyright, creative and licensing control, and royalties for their work.


Can you write my book?

We do not staff ghostwriters, but we can suggest resources for providers that help with manuscript writing.


Should I self-publish?

There are many reasons authors choose to self-publish, such as shortening the production timeline, maintaining creative freedom, and retaining publication rights and royalties. We are happy to chat with you about whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is right for you.

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