Editorial, Design, Creative, & Publishing Services


Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are crucial parts of the publishing process that can ensure you develop professional, concise, and accurate messaging. Our services provide an alternate perspective that can help improve the efficiency and clarity of your writing. At very least, we can help you avoid unfortunate and confusing typos or grammar mishaps.

We currently offer the following levels of service:

  1. Basic copyediting
  2. Heavy copyediting
  3. Substantive editing
  4. Proofreading

Manuscript Preparation, Formatting, & Typesetting

Formatting is an important aspect of submitting memoir, non-fiction, and academic manuscripts for publication through traditional and self-publishing avenues. We provide guidance and assistance in preparing manuscript texts, reference citations and listings, figures, tables, captions, keywords, and abstracts.

Traditional Publishing
If you want to publish your academic or non-fiction book or journal manuscript with a traditional publisher, we will help ensure that your manuscript follows your chosen publisher’s submission guidelines. This service is for the preparation of a Microsoft Word document for your submission. Although we cannot guarantee that a book or journal publisher will accept your manuscript, we will work with you to help ensure your initial submission is prepared appropriately.

If you want to self-publish your work, we help ensure your manuscript adheres to industry standards and meets the production specs for your printer and/or self-publishing platform. This service can—and usually—includes the complete design, layout, imaging, typesetting, and production of your publication text and cover files into a print-ready PDF.

We use Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat software—we do not provide TeX/LaTeX services.


We must review your project before we can provide a price estimate, but our prices adhere to industry standards.