About Sherry and Catsworth

Sherry Loveless

Over the years, Sherry has enjoyed various professional titles including classical dressage trainer, fitness coach, artist, graphic designer, editor, and publisher. As a graduate student at City University of New York, Hunter College’s Animal Behavior and Conservation Program, she studied anthrozoology, behavioral science, ethics, and welfare with a focus on animals in research, industry, zoos, and sport. This scholarly work reinforced for her the importance of scientific and academic publications in the development of guidelines, policies, and laws that govern human behavior and impact society.

Since then, Sherry has worked with international, traditional publishers like Cambridge University Press; BioMedCentral/Springer Nature; and Taylor & Francis. For years, she led the publishing and production division of a 501(c)(3) science and technology think tank and research institute press. She has assisted academic authors with preparing and publishing their scholarly work, and helped independent authors, leaders, and public figures publish award-winning books.



Official Mascot

Tristan has served as our official mascot for over five years. He is always the first one in the office and the last to leave. He spends most of his time making us smile and ensuring that our work is, well, catsworthy!

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