Sherry Loveless


Sherry Loveless is a communications strategist, creative director, editor, and artist with an empathic, curious nature, and an equally curious last name (that very much belies her nature).

Growing up an avid equestrian, she trained dressage horses professionally for over a decade. Her work in editing, design, and publishing began in 2005 after respiratory disease forced her early retirement from professional equestrian sports. In graduate school, she studied anthrozoology, focusing on human-animal relationships in food, fashion, research, zoos, and sport. This scholarly work reinforced for her the importance of scientific communication in the development of guidelines, policies, and laws that govern the human behavior that impacts our world.

Over the next 15 years, Sherry developed her editorial, production, and publishing acumen as her new business, Catsworth Publishing Services, LLC evolved. She gained experience with international, traditional publishers like Cambridge University Press, BioMedCentral/Springer Nature, and Taylor & Francis. Since then, Sherry’s work has graced the pages of international books and journals, and the walls of universities, galleries, and private homes. She has supported academic authors in preparing grants, public communication, publication, and publishing their scholarly work; helped independent authors, leaders, and public figures publish award-winning books; and assisted entrepreneurs by honing and improving their messages and images. 

For more than a decade, academic and entrepreneurial thought leaders have trusted Sherry’s creativity, technical skill, and customized communications solutions for expertly-produced, non-fiction publications ranging from books to brochures. Her integrity, appreciation of beauty, and attention to detail and quality assure stylistic execution of her final products. Sherry is a valuable, results-driven professional partner who treats each client and project with respect, appreciation, and care. Her professionalism, interest, sense of humor, discretion, and strong interpersonal skills sustain her work with international authors, publishers, collaborators, and colleagues from a variety of professions, professional levels, and academic and public-interest specialties.

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Sherry has provided editorial, design, and production services for final deliverables on contracts for: USAID, DoD/DARPA, the White House, Homeland Security, Congress, and NASA. She co-developed and helped run the publishing and production division of a 501(c)(3) science and technology think tank and research institute press.

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Sherry is also a scratchboard/pen + ink artist

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Scratchboard engravings and Pen + Ink Art

For animal lovers + motorcycle enthusiasts

Sherry specializes in scratchboard engravings and pen + ink techniques that combine passion for connection with distinctive style, resulting in captivating pet portraits and motorcycle artwork.

The commission process affords a personalized experience ensuring a unified vision for meaningful heirloom pieces that celebrate, honor, heal, and memorialize your cherished loves and precious relationships.

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    Official Mascot

    Tristan is the official Catsworth mascot and office manager. He is always the first one in the office and the last to leave. Below is a picture of him all grown up.