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The book and report production company that uses empathic editing and creative design to help entrepreneurs, experts, and organizations improve their print and digital publishing projects.


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“We provide the alchemy that transforms your work into a timeless publication that inspires, educates, and motivates your audience. We respect your voice, focus on your vision, and honor your message.” 


If you need the clarity and strength of a well-edited message and you appreciate the style and elegance of quality design, layout, and typesetting, then you’re in the right place.

What some of our clients say…

“Sherry takes the uncertainty out of the publishing process with a plan for action.”

“Sherry is the real deal. I was grateful for her guidance and expertise throughout the editing, pre-production, and publishing process.
Sherry knows your readership better than you do and she polishes your manuscript accordingly. She takes the uncertainty out of the publishing process with a plan for action. All the while, she makes you feel as if your writing project is her sole concern.”

David Eneboe
President, Sahara Consulting Services, Inc.
Author, It’s the Ideology: How to Defeat Islamist Terrorism Once and for All

“Professionalism and attention to detail.”

You have made the difference! Many thanks for your usual superb efforts, we are all indebted to you for your professionalism and attention to detail.”

General Al Gray, 29th Commandant, USMC

“She GOT it! ”

“Everyone wants to be seen and heardI cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time, talent, intuitiveness, and generosity Sherry provided by bringing my words and sentiment to LIFE! She GOT it! I am so grateful.”

Mia T. Masten
Director of National Advocacy and Professional Relations, Pfizer

“She’s indefatigable! ”

“Sherry’s unflaggingly cheerful patience turned what might have easily been a stressful process into a joy each time we spoke. She’s indefatigable! Nothing brings her down. Her sensitivity to the nuanced design the subject matter required in nearly every detail, and her creative solutions to tricky issues left me in awe of my good fortune.”

Rachel Martin, PhD, editor
Sunset, Sunrise: Reflections of a Jewish Educator and Holocaust Survivor
by Solomon Goldman, PhD

“Boundless optimism and amiability.”

A special thanks to Sherry Loveless for her sometimes herculean efforts. In no uncertain terms, this could not have been achieved without her tireless labor, eagerness to help, and boundless optimism and amiability.”

J. Giordano, PhD and B.Gordijn, PhD
Editors, Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives in Neuroethics

“A superb professional.”

We all benefit from Sherry’s expertise. Sherry is, as General Gray often says, a ‘superb professional,’ and no author has more needed her very able assistance.

Scott Laidig
Entrepreneur and biographer of General Al Gray, 29th Commandant, USMC
Al Gray, Marine book series

“Turned a very normal study report into an important book.”

“I appreciate the massive amount of design and production work done by Sherry Loveless, who turned a very normal study report into an important book.

Robert Hummel, PhD
President, US Technology Leadership Council
Alternative Futures for Corrosion and Degradation Research

“Highest praise.”

“Highest praise for the graphic design and obvious depth of creativity, skill, imagination, and ability to execute other’s visions as well as her own. I have seen and personally engaged many graphic artists in my published works in music, medicine, psychology and theology and have found none with the ability to create a design better able to prove that a picture is worth a thousand words!”

Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD
Performing to the Max!

“Turned it all into readable prose.”

“Sherry Loveless, my editor, took on the challenge and turned it all into readable prose.”

Charles M. Herzfeld, PhD
Internet Pioneer, Director of DARPA, 1965-1967

A Life at Full Speed: A Journey of Struggle and Discovery

“Wow! It’s a handsome book.”

“Wow! It’s a handsome book. Congratulations to the publisher for a fine job of layout, type font selection and all the rest. It’s really well done.”

Professor John F. “Joe” Guilmartin Jr.
Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force (Ret.)
Referring to Al Gray, Marine: Volume 1, The Early Years, 1950-1967 
(Potomac Institute Press)