Transforming words and images into timeless creations
that celebrate individuality and honor connection.

For animal lovers + motorcycle enthusiasts

For entrepreneurs + organizations + publishers



For animal lovers + motorcycle and machine enthusiasts

We specialize in scratchboard engravings and pen + ink techniques that combine passion for connection with distinctive style, resulting in captivating 
pet portraits, motorcycle portraits, and animal- and machine-related artwork.

Our commission process affords a personalized experience ensuring a unified vision for meaningful heirloom pieces that celebrate, honor, heal, and memorialize your cherished loves and precious relationships.

Click on the links below to learn more and to commission artwork for your personal or gift giving needs.


Publishing Services

For entrepreneurs, independent publishers, organizations, and government agencies


Our personalized editing, proofreading, design, layout, typesetting, and imaging services support your strategic communications and outreach efforts online and in print. From newsletter and website copy to reports and books, we enjoy helping you make a great impression, elevate your brand, and better engage your readers through clear, refined, and enhanced words and images—all while respecting your voice and message.

We welcome a wide range of non-fiction academic specialties and public interest subjects—from science and technology to art and the humanities.

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