Turn your words and images into timeless creations.

We create artwork and support publications to inspire, educate, and promote compassion and care toward animals, our planet, and each other. 



I’m Sherry, the founder of Catsworth Publishing Services. I’m also an artist, designer, and editor with an empathic, curious nature, and an equally curious last name (that belies my nature).


A picture is worth a thousand words

I have seen and personally engaged many graphic artists in my published works in music, medicine, psychology and theology and have found none with the ability to create a design better able to prove that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD

Boundless optimism and amiability

“A special thanks to Sherry Loveless for her sometimes herculean efforts. In no uncertain terms, this could not have been achieved without her tireless labor, eagerness to help, and boundless optimism and amiability.”

J. Giordano, PhD and B.Gordijn, PhD

Highest praise

“Highest praise for the graphic design and obvious depth of creativity, skill, imagination, and ability to execute other’s visions as well as her own.”

Richard H. Cox, MD, PhD

Time, talent, intuitiveness, and generosity

“Everyone wants to be seen and heard. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the time, talent, intuitiveness, and generosity Sherry provided by bringing my words and sentiment to LIFE! She GOT it! I am so grateful.”

Mia T. Masten

Nuanced design and creative solutions

Sherry’s sensitivity to the nuanced design the subject matter required in nearly every detail, and her creative solutions to tricky issues left me in awe of my good fortune.”

Rachel Martin, PhD


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